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Empowering Change, One Insight at a Time: Your Partner in Data-Driven Advocacy and Innovation

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Welcome to Paul Oliva Consulting LLC, where our mission is to drive transformative change in Kentucky. Our firm is dedicated to empowering individuals, grassroots organizations, and communities, making advocacy and business endeavors more accessible and impactful. By lowering the barriers to entry, we aim to create a more equitable and just society.

Our Services: At Paul Oliva Consulting LLC, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our expertise includes:

  • Economic Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Custom Software Development
  • Technology Implementations
  • Business and Nonprofit Management Consulting

We are uniquely positioned to provide holistic solutions that blend technological innovation with deep economic insights.

Our Clients: Our primary focus is to support grassroots organizations striving to effect positive and equitable change in their communities. We believe in amplifying the voices of those working towards social, economic, and racial justice, and our services are designed to strengthen their efforts.

Our Values: Integrity, honesty, and transparency are the cornerstones of our work. We are deeply committed to social justice and equity, and we dedicate ourselves to advancing the needs of Kentucky’s most vulnerable citizens. Our approach is guided by these principles, ensuring that we remain true to our mission of creating meaningful change.

Our Vision: Our founder, Paul Oliva, envisions the firm as a beacon of empowerment for grassroots movements and individuals championing justice in various forms. The goal is to be a catalyst for positive change, supporting those who work tirelessly to create a fairer, more equitable Kentucky.

About Our Founder: Paul Oliva, a University of Kentucky alumnus with a degree in Economics, has a rich background in community organization and tech innovation. His journey from an AmeriCorps Vista member in Anchorage, Alaska, to a community organizer advocating for Medicaid Expansion, and later as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, has equipped him with a unique blend of skills and perspectives. In 2022, he founded The Lexington Times, a testament to his commitment to free and accessible information. With the establishment of Paul Oliva Consulting LLC in 2024, he has turned his focus to empowering grassroots initiatives through innovative consulting services.

Paul Oliva prepares a federal income tax return in Bethel, Alaska in 2014.

Community Engagement: Our firm is not just about business; it’s about making a difference. Volunteering and engaging in community service are integral parts of our identity. This venture is not driven by profit but by a desire to serve and support our community, embodying the spirit of service that is central to everything we do.

At Paul Oliva Consulting LLC, we are more than just a consulting firm; we are a partner in the pursuit of justice and equity. Join us in our mission to create a better, more just Kentucky.